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The Garletts at the Maryland Renaissance Fair

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is once of my favorite local events, so when mama Garletts brought it up as an option for our planned family shoot, I was excited. When I shoot families, I find the most beautiful results come from documenting the natural dynamic between family members, rather than posed portraits. Not only would the Renaissance Festival offer unique opportunities for shots, it is just a fun place in which to be -- a golden opportunity for photos!

We were there for the last day of its season, and it was just a glorious day to be outside (aside from a brisk fall breeze) it was definitely crowded with eager and well-dressed festival-goers. This presented a challenge for shooting, but also made the final image results quite energetic. With Halloween right around the corner, the two little ones were dressed up as witches, which added to the overall whimsy that characterized this shoot. The Garletts are a beautiful family with two happy little girls. This was one of my favorite shoots to date.

© Amanda Raquel 2018

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