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Blossoms Maternity Shoot

Elena contacted me several weeks ago about doing a maternity photography shoot during her 7th month of pregnancy. Shooting among Maryland's well known cherry blossoms was important for her, but both of us agreed that we didn't want to fight the crowds in Washington, D.C., where the bulk of cherry blossom admirers go to view these beautiful flowers. We decided upon Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, which had plenty of opportunity for blossom shooting without any of the crowds, and which was perfect for what we had in mind. We really lucked out with our shoot date and the timing of the blooms. The results really embody the beauty of a springtime maternity shoot in Maryland.

Elena is an active woman who has continued her many athletic pursuits, including yoga, even into her 7th month of pregnancy. Looking at some of the photos I snapped of her doing inversion yoga poses while heavily pregnant reminds me how amazing women and their bodies are!

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