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Iceland Honeymoon, February 2017

So I know I am messing with the chronology of my posts, but I have only recently decided to add a photography/travel blog to my site and I have some catching up to do. My husband and I traveled to Iceland for our honeymoon, in agreement that a winter wedding should be followed by a winter vacation. We spent a night in Reykjavik before heading out in a self-driven tour of the western and northern coasts of the country. Our itinerary took us through Borganes towards Stykkishólmur, then to Siglufjordur, Akureyri, Lake Myvatn (come here for a bathing experience; skip Blue Lagoon), Hofsstadir, and Hraunsnef. We finished our 12-day trip back in Reykjavik (we were not impressed with the unauthentic flair of Blue Lagoon), and even did the Game of Thrones tour around the Golden Circle and

Þingvellir. Unfortunately, we were "blessed" with cloudy skies our entire trip and did not get to experience the Northern lights. However, it was still an awe-invoking trip; the landscape was like driving through scenes from Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, and Final Fantasy X (The Calm Lands!)...truly stunning.

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