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Maryland Renaissance Festival 2017

I have been living in Maryland for almost two years now, but I did not end up making it to the Renaissance Faire last fall. I regretted this, of course, so when my father and his wife came to visit my husband and I this past weekend, I seized the opportunity for all of us to go together. We went on Labor Day, and it was packed. I do not usually do well in crowds or in heat, but we ended up staying for several hours. Glass blowers? Flute players? Knife throwing? Knights and horses? I felt like I spent the day in Skyrim, and it makes me truly happy knowing that there are artisans in the world committed to keeping the rich culture of the Renaissance alive. If you ever find yourself down about the depressing stuff constantly bombarded at us in the news and on social media, do yourself a favor and go to a Renaissance Faire...where you will pass times of merriment among people who find enjoyment from dressing up in costume and drinking mead.

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